FW23 Fashion Week Report - Sustainability on the runway

By Commercialising Creativity
May 3, 2023

We take a look back at the exciting Fall-Winter 2023 FashionWeek shows and presentations. We turn our attention to the designers incorporating sustainable practices into their collections. Enjoy the reading.

New Renaissance at Chloé

Image 1: Commercialising Creativity, Chloé FW23 show, Vogue Runway

Climate success, not climate crisis,” is Gabriela Hearst’s, Creative Director at Chloé, motto. Hearst is convinced that by the convergence of positive change and clever thinkers there’s a chance of a new Renaissance around the corner lead by science, creatives, and artists. We totally agree.

The collection is in line with the argument of good practice over bad. Since shows have powered back, post-pandemic, environmental and social responsibility haven’t been spoken about as much as they were. Hearst is one designer guaranteed never to be a back-slider on that: with every step, she’s pushing towards that goal of climate success.

Zero-Waste at Marine Serre

Image 2: Commercialising Creativity, Marine Serre, FW 2023 show, Vogue Runway

For the French enfant terrible, Marine Serre, upcycled and recycled materials are central to her design process: almost 50% of her collections are made from upcycled products. The other half is made from innovative and sustainable fibers, such as biodegradable yarns and recycled fabrics.

This season, Marine Serre’s zero-waste showcase in that all elements of the show relied on “found elements” and the eight-meter tall towers of abandoned textiles (which provided the set) were “destined to provide the raw materials of future house designs”.

Reconnect to Nature at Maitrepierre

Image 3: Commercialising Creativity, Maitrepierre FW23 show, Rain Mag

The designer has chosen to contemplate nature and to highlight this harmony through the prism of technology. Indeed, the prints have been created using artificial intelligence. The collection is made from dead-stock fabrics, recycled materials, and local prints. In a world where everything is accelerating, it invites you to take the time to reconnect with Nature.

Tech Innovation at Ahluwalia

Image 4: Commercialising Creativity, Ahluwalia FW23 show, Dazed Digital
We’re trying to figure out how tech can help us with our sustainability goals,” Priya Ahluwalia

Sustainability has always been at the core of Ahluwalia’s ethos, with the designer continuing her use of organic, recycled and upcycled materials. This season, QR codes will be available on the brand’s pieces for the first time. They’ll allow customers to find out more about what their clothes are made from, where they’re made, as well as the inspiration behind the design.

Repurposed Second-hand at Conner Ives

Image 5: Commercialising Creativity, Conners Ives FW23 show,

London-based designer Conner Ives, established a label with sustainability built into its core. The eponymous brand is known for upcycling discarded garments into new, luxury items by using vintage garments and reimagining them into new pieces.

The FW23 collection is made from repurposed second-hand vintage and features bold and modern pieces made from a variety of materials, including recycled fabric scraps, discarded clothing, and old leather goods. It also incorporated a number of sustainable techniques into the creation of the pieces, such as using low-waste cutting patterns and non-toxic dyes.