commercializing creativity offers a full-advisory service in fashion brand development and brand management for brands and fashion start-ups.

The fashion industry needs an adjustment to the needs, the expectations and the values of the customer of the 21st. century. Guided by the conviction that to fulfill these, we need a new generation of ambitious designers which are able to reflect and communicate the actual zeitgeist thought their storytelling and through their products, I founded commercializing creativity in 2019. This advisory service was born out of the desire to accompany this new generation of fashion brands in their development and to support them in defining and reaching their goals. Thanks to my all-encompassing, interconnected and intuitive approach, I help you to develop innovative and creative solutions to create a global brand strategy in order to drive your business forward.




Business Development: Concept and Strategy Development

By creating a 360° brand strategy you will be able to execute complex ideas and to communicate the right message to stand out amongst your competitors. Therefore, I accompany you in the development and the definition of your singular brand vision. I help you to develop your brand DNA, your specific core values to shape and express your brand identity. 



  • Brand story

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Brand DNA

  • Brand Values

  • USP

  • Brand Positioning 

  • Codes

  • Targeted Customer 

  • Visual Identity

  • Storytelling


Product strategy- Collection planning and merchandising


When business and creativity work hand-in-hand 


The development of a product strategy to give a business orientation to each of your collections are key aspects to successfully implement the market. 

Defining a clear brand position and a unique selling proposition that connects through to the product and product development is crucial. 

I support you in the planning and development of your collections, making sure that your brand DNA is carried across collections to allow for its products to be identifiable and for the brand equity to grow. Therefore, I help you to identify your markets and targets, to implement the fundamentals of commerciality in your product offer, to develop a consistent approach to pricing and to adapt your offer to evolving distribution networks. 



•       Review of past collections: Segmentation, qualitative and quantitative assessment

•.      Collection Segmentation

•.      Collection Brief

•       Adaption of the offer to market trends and targeted clients

•       Competitive analysis

•       Product Mapping

•       Price calculation and margins

•       Collection plan 


Sales strategy- Sales and distribution strategy


You need to create to sell. You need to sell to create. 


A clear brand positioning within the market is vital to enhance your brand visibility and develop a long-term perspective. 

We help you to tailor-made sales and distribution strategy to reach the right clients. Therefore, we put your brand and its consumer target at the heart of our strategy and work closely with you to find the right partners solutions and to create compelling experiences for buyers and retailers



•       Brand positioning 

•       Brand presence in the local market 

•       Development of strategies to expand internationally

•       Definition of sales channels

•       Creation of sales materials 

•       Creation of tailor-made targeted customer portfolio

•       Client acquisition 

•       Creation of compelling experiences for buyers and retailers 

•       Collection editing and curation of showroom displays 

•       Agreements

•       Negotiations

about me

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I am particularly interested in new concepts and strategies for brand development. Especially now, I am convinced that an innovative, creative and global approach is needed to stand out in a changing fashion industry.

Working in fashion since 2013 as ‘Sales and Brand Manager’ for international fashion startups and agencies, I quickly understood that this is a field where creativity and commerciality have to work hand in hand to develop a global brand vision.

Thanks to my experiences, I developed a sharp commercial awareness and an ability to implement upcoming brands in the international fashion market. 

Driven by my entrepreneurial mindset and my desire to merge my experience and my expertise and to put my skills at the service of brands and fashion startups, I founded commercializing creativity in 2020. 


After my Masters in Art Education at the Zürich University of Arts, ZHdK. To extend my qualifications, I completed a Certificate in 'Management Collection Mode et Luxe' at the Institut Français de la Mode, IFM, Paris in 2020. The same year, I finished a CAS – Certificate of Advanced Studies SUPSI Sustainability Management in Textiles

Since 2021, I am Director at the Swiss Fashion Association




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