European Artistic Crafts Day 2023: The Right Price for an Artisanal Garment

Pavillon Sicli, Rte des Acacias 45, 1227 Geneva

By Commercialising Creativity
May 3, 2023

We are pleased to announce our participation in the conference “” in the framework of the European Artistic Crafts Day 2023 in Geneva, Friday March 31st at 17:00 at Pavillon Sicli.

During the event, we will deepen the discussion on the fair price of a garment created outside mass production processes, with the objective to make consumers aware of the true cost of manufacturing and services provided in short and circular circuits. We are excited to collaborate with fashion creator Lucie Guiragossian from Lundi Piscine and Eliran Ashraf from Black and Yellow concept store on this project.

The conference is hosted by Le geste, a platform supporting local fashion designers, promoting the circular economy, and raising awareness of the challenges of textile overconsumption.

To take part in the event, we invite you to register here: